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Team Scrap's Capstone project from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, 2020


Half "Twisted Metal" half "Mario Kart", battle your way through this fun, 2 - 4 player, physics based arena driving game. Knock pieces off your opponents and steal or scrap their parts to make the biggest, baddest, most ultimate ride.

Local Multiplayer only. (Online can be bridged via Parsec)

Please feel free to list any issues you find in the comments down below.

Install instructions


Unzip the archive wherever you want and run the .exe with all controllers you want to play with plugged in.

The Mac build could not be properly tested, so if you run into issues please @ us in the comments below.

Known Issues and Constraints:

  • Rarely, input gets lost in the preview system, if this happens, vote to quit back to the main menu and go back through the PLAY drawer. (press Start on controller and R on keyboard to vote to quit)
  • Anyone who wishes to use the Keyboard + Mouse must grab player 1, the input system will struggle to determine what to do with it otherwise.
  • Doesn't seem to like Windows 7


Robert Foxgrover-FoleyProject Lead / Programmer Co-lead
Christopher Flowers Programmer Co-Lead
Aubree GrossmanArt Lead
Cailey KocianProgrammer / Producer
Trisha KriegalAI Artist
Matt MarshallMap Designer / 3D Modeler
Ashley RitterConcept Artist / 3D Modeler
Nick SandersAnimator / 3D Modeler
Eliot Waters
Jonah SchmieskAudio Manager
Seth BerrierGood Professor / Audio Liaison


ChopShop_Game_PC.zip 837 MB
ChopShop-macos-beta.zip 1 GB

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